Fixing systems to end sexual violence against women and girls

Our Goals

Ending sexual violence against women and girls

Improving legal systems so that survivors of sexual violence have full access to justice, with a special focus on adolescent girls


Bolivia: Protecting children from sexual abuse

One in three girls  are sexually abused before the age of 18 in Bolivia – the highest in Latin America. Through this case, we are working to set precedents that will protect children from abuse in Bolivia and across Latin America.

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Ethiopia: Progressing our case on abduction, rape and forced marriage

This case is historic as it is the first case focused on the rape of a girl admitted to be heard at the ACHPR. It also shows the power of girls fighting for their rights. Makeda requested that the ACHPR find Ethiopia accountable for the denial of justice in order to set a positive precedent to protect other girls across Africa from similar abuses.

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Kenya: Getting justice for survivors of sexual violence

While Kenya boasts one of the most progressive legal and policy frameworks for addressing sexual violence, Liz’s case and countless others reveal significant failures of local authorities to adequately address the cases and tremendous obstacles at every stage of the criminal justice process.

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Kenya: Stopping violence and harassment against women

As a result of our advocacy in this and other campaigns, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga invited Equality Now to join the National Council on the Administration of Justice, whose mission is to create an efficient, effective, inclusive justice system reform in Kenya.

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Nigeria: Standing in solidarity with the kidnapped schoolgirls of Chibok

Though the Nigerian Ministry of the Interior responded to our letter in July, the girls still have not been rescued.

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Sudan: Preventing the criminalization of sexual violence survivors

In July, the HRC recommended that Sudan amend its Criminal Code to protect women from being victimized, make it easier for survivors to access justice and to ensure all cases of violence against women are promptly and thoroughly investigated.

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Yemen: Advocating for a minimum age of marriage law

A National Dialogue Conference, established to provide recommendations for the new Yemeni constitution, recommended a minimum marriage age of 18.

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