Accelerating Change to End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Our Goals

Ensure the implementation of FGM laws at national, regional and international levels

In countries where FGM is practiced but not banned, lobby for laws against it

Support and amplify the efforts of grassroots activists working to end FGM


Egypt: Supporting the first-ever prosecution for FGM

Despite its anti-FGM law, Egypt has the highest number of affected women and girls in the world, and extremely high rates of medicalization – 77% of girls subjected to FGM in Egypt had it done to them by a medical professional.

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Indonesia: Addressing the high medicalization rates of FGM

The change in policy and our continued advocacy for a full ban of FGM are crucial steps toward stopping medicalization of FGM and therefore delegitimizing its practice, as well as holding medical professionals accountable to their ethical obligations. We continue to advocate for Indonesia to ban all forms of FGM.

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Kenya: Strengthening systems to end FGM

We have been working with our Kenyan partners to end FGM for more than 15 years, and are continuing to see positive results.

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Liberia: Engaging traditional leaders to end FGM

Traditional leaders are the gatekeepers of Liberian cultural practices, so engaging them is an effective way to change attitudes and practices within communities.

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Mali: Engaging youth to end FGM

By engaging with youth and local and national government officials, as well as by using international human rights mechanisms and bodies to hold the government accountable, we and our partners are helping to ensure that the next generation of girls in Mali will be protected from FGM.

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United Kingdom: Prioritizing an end to FGM

The UK continued to take enormous strides in prioritizing an end to FGM, using the law to both bring national attention to the issue and to highlight the role medical and other front-line professionals need to play in the movement.

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United States: Advocating for a comprehensive strategy to end FGM

We’re reaching local communities affected by FGM, helping to connecting grassroots advocates to national decision-makers, holding the government accountable to its commitments and highlighting a human rights issue that is often ignored in the U.S.

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